Poster Presentation Guidelines

Guidelines for Poster Presenters
A poster presentation combines a visual display on a poster board of the highlights of research with a question-and-answer opportunity.

Posters will be displayed in the exhibit hall. The exhibit hall will be open for mounting of posters on Wednesday, August 4th, 1:00 pm.  Your poster must be mounted by 5:00 pm.  It should remain mounted and available for viewing until 1:30 pm on Saturday, August 7th.  It must be removed by 4:00 pm on Saturday the 7th.
·        Measurements.   Each presenter is assigned a space that measures 46 in. high and 68 in. wide.  Posters exceeding these measurements and extending into areas reserved for other posters will be removed
·        Mounting.   Posters should be designed and constructed so they can be attached to the poster board with pushpins, which will be found attached to the poster board assigned to you

During Your Session
·        Although posters will remain up for participants to review them throughout the meeting, the formal poster session is scheduled for Thursday, August 5th from 11:45 am-1:00 pm.  During this time it is expected you will be present to present your poster.

Guidelines for Preparing Scientific Posters
·        The poster should show the full title of your abstract.
·        Text should be brief and well organized, presenting only enough data to support your conclusions.
·        The text should make clear the significance of your research.
·        The text should include (most likely as separate elements of the poster) your hypothesis, methods, results, and conclusions.
·        The text should not differ significantly from the material submitted for presentation

·        A clear, simple, uncluttered arrangement is the most attractive and the easiest to read.
·        The title lettering should be at least 3"/8cm high, with authors' names and affiliations in somewhat smaller print.
·        All lettering should be legible from a distance of approximately 5'/1.5m.  Type size should be at least 24 point, in bold style.  The typeface chosen should be a simple and clear typeface (e.g., Helvetica).  Titles should be in all upper case letters.   The remainder of the text should be in a combination of upper and lower case letters.
·        Color may be used as desired. 
·        Illustrations should be simple and eye-catching, with unnecessary detail left out.   If possible, convert tables to graphic displays.  Pie graphs can be used to show parts of a whole, line graphs can be used to show trends or changing relationships, and bar graphs can be used to show volumes.
·        Photos should be enlarged enough to show relevant detail.
·        Standard computer printouts do not work well on posters, because the type is too small and the lines are too thin to be seen from a distance

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