Proceedings for Symposium 2010

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Podcasts for Symposium 2010

Some podcasts are available from Symposium 2010.  All podcasts have audio. Some podcasts also have video of the speaker and the slide presentation.

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They are priced at $35/day or $100 for all three days and will be available through December 31, 2011. The podcasts can be purchased through the link above.

Available podcasts include:

Thursday, August 5, 2010
Jennifer Barrett:  Regenerative Medicine Techniques
Jean Peduzzi-Nelson: The Role of Environmental Enrichment and Stem Cells in Repair of the Nervous System 
Gina Bertocci:  Evaluation of Canine Decubitis Ulcer Prevention Garment
Andris Kaneps:  Response of Tissues to Exercise:  EBM Review
Anna Bergh:  Mechanical Nociceptive Threshold in the Axial Skeleton of Dogs
John Hathcock:  Lumbosacral Disease:  Advanced Imaging
Anna Firshman:  Rehabilitation With Use of the Underwater Treadmill
Narelle Stubbs:  Mobilisation and Facilitation Exercise Based Rehabilitation
Amie Hesbach:  Neurological Rehabilitation Techniques 

Friday, August 6, 2010
David Levine:   A Wedding Invitation:  What's the Evidence for Evidence-Based Practice?
Jim Wright:   Infection Control for Rehabilitation Facilities
John Houghton:   The Underwater Treadmill as a Potential Source of Nosocomial Infections
Denise Testa:   Use of High-Voltage Electrical Stimulation to Curb Edema in Post-Surgical Patients
Solange Mikail:  Evaluation of Gallium Arsenide Laser for Treatment of Equine Tendinitis
Anna Bergh:  Do Static Magnets Induce Changes in Skin Temperature and Mechanical Nociceptive Threshold in Horses?
Catherine Kohn:  Medical Problems and Injuries in International Eventing Horses, Pt 1
Catherine Kohn:  Medical Problems and Injuries in International Eventing Horses, Pt 2
Jeff Collins:  Prophylactic, functional and rehabilitative assistive devices (canine)
Kristin Kirkby:  Conducting Research in a Clinical Setting
Sallie Hyman:  Lameness in the Elite International Sporthorse
Rob Gillette:  Clinical Applications of Exercise Science (canine)
Narelle Stubbs:  Dynamic Mobilization Exercises Increase Cross Sectional Area of the Multifidus Muscle in the Thoracolumbar Spine in Horses
Jennifer Barrett:  Principles of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy for Musculoskeletal Problems

Saturday, August 7, 2010
Sherman Canapp:  The Shoulder:  Diagnostic and Surgical Updates (canine)
David Acciani:  Rehabilitation of Shoulder Conditions (canine)
Sherman Canapp:  The Stifle:  Diagnostic and Surgical Updates (canine)
Julie Mayer:  Rehabilitation of Stifle Conditions (canine)
Anna Bergh:  Mechanical Nociceptive Threshold in the Neck and Back of Horses After Intramuscular Injections
Dana Whitlock:  Can Goniometry be Used to Detect Lameness in Dogs with Chronic Elbow Osteoarthrosis?
Darryl Millis:  Kinematic Analysis of Stair and Decline Slope Walking of the Pelvic Limb in Healthy Dogs
Deborah Gross-Saunders:  Soft Tissue Injuries (canine)
Steve Adair:  Integrative Therapy for Tendon and Ligament Injuries in the Horse