Program-Friday, August 6, 2010

Breakfast Sessions-AU Hotel and Conference Center (AUHCC) 
7:00-8:15 am

Equine Manual Therapy: Touch, Massage, Stretching, Mobilization & Manipulation
Kevin Haussler

Why Total Joint Replacements? OA Management and Salvage Procedures are Rehabilitation Practice Builders
Nancy Doyle and William Liska

General Session (AUHCC)
Theme:  Research, Bugs, and Politics, Oh My! (Moderator: Jan Van Dyke)
8:30-9:15 am
A Wedding Invitation:  What's the Evidence for Evidence-Based Practice?
David Levine

9:15-9:45 am
Infection Control for Rehabilitation Facilities
Jim Wright

9:45-10:00 am
The Underwater Treadmill as a Potential Source of Nosocomial Infections in Veterinary Patients
John Houghton

10:00-10:15 am
Use of High-Voltage Electrical Stimulation to Curb Edema in Post-Surgical Patients
Denise Testa

10:15-10:45 am
Break and Visit Exhibit Hall

10:45-11:15 am
Organization Updates:  IAVRPT, AARV, APTA-SIG, ACVSMR
Anna Bergh, Julia Tomlinson, Amie Hesbach, Rob Gillette 

11:15-11:45 am
Legislative updates:  USA and International Updates
Anna Bergh and Amie Hesbach

11:45 am-12:15 pm
Panel Discussion and Audience Questions

Anna Bergh, Julia Tomlinson, Hillary Clayton, Amie Hesbach, Rob Gillette 

LUNCH (sponsored by Novartis) "Multimodal Approach to Pain Management"
*Shuttle buses leave from AUHCC to AU College of Veterinary Medicine (AUCVM) starting at 1:30 pm for small animal session

Afternoon Small Animal Session (AUCVM)
3 Sessions Running Simultaneously

A.  Back to Basics
(Moderator:  Liz LaFond)
2:00-3:00 pm
Therapeutic Exercise & Exercise Equipment
Debbie Gross-Saunders

3:00-4:00 pm
David Acciani

4:00-4:30 pm
Underwater Treadmill:  Protocols, Maintenance and Water Quality Control
David Sessum

4:30-5:00 pm
Canine Carts
Nancy Doyle

B.  Advanced Clinical Topics (Moderator:  David Levine)
2:00-3:00 pm
Veterinary Prophylactic, Functional and Rehabilitative Assistance Devices
Jeff Collins

3:00-4:00 pm
Conducting Research in a Clinical Setting
Kristin Kirkby

4:00-4:30 pm
Clinical Applications of Exercise Science
Robert Gillette

4:30-5:00 pm
Principles of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy for Musculoskeletal Problems
Jennifer Barrett

C.  Business Topics  (Moderator:  May Romer)
2:00-3:00 pm
Small Animal Rehabilitation Clinic Design: An Architect's Perspective
Warren Freedenfeld

3:00-4:00 pm
The Business of Canine Rehabilitation: Boom or Bust?
Jason Canapp

4:00-5:00 pm
Social Networking for Increased Revenue
Jason Canapp

Shuttle buses return to AUHCC from AUCVM from 5:00-6:00 pm

Afternoon Equine Session
Theme:  The Elite Athlete (Moderator:  Linda Blythe)
1:30-1:45 pm
Evaluation of Gallium Arsenide Laser for Treatment of Equine Tendinitis
Solange Mikail

1:45-2:00 pm
Do Static Magnets Induce Changes in Skin Temperature and Mechanical Nociceptive Threshold in Horses?
Anna Bergh

2:00-2:45 pm
Medical Problems and Injuries in International Three-Day Eventing Horses,
Part 1
Catherine Kohn

2:45-3:30 pm
Medical Problems and Injuries in International Three-Day Eventing Horses, Part 2
Catherine Kohn

3:30-4:00 pm
Break and Visit Exhibit Hall

4:00-4:45 pm
Lameness in the Elite International Sporthorse
Sallie Hyman

4:45-5:00 pm
Dynamic Mobilization Exercises Increase Cross Sectional Area of the Multifidus Muscle in the Thoracolumbar Spine in Horses
Narelle Stubbs

6:00 pm
IAVRPT Business Meeting

8:00 pm-midnight
Gala Event 
Sponsored by Canine Rehabilitation Institute, Pulsevet, Respond Systems Incorporated, and Thera-Paw

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