Speaker Information

2010 IAVRPT Symposium

The Hotel at Auburn University/Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine
August 4: Pre-Symposium Laboratories
August 4-7: Symposium Seminars and Scientific Abstracts

Speaker Honoraria Payment Policy
Symposium Lectures: $200/hour (prorated based on length of lecture)
The honorarium will be determined by the lecture time for each speaker by the following chart:

2010 Lecture Honoraria
0  to 15  minutes-$50.00
16 to 30 minutes-$100.00
31 to 45 minutes-
45 to 60 minutes-$200.00

Symposium Panel Discussions: $200/hour divided by # of speakers on the panel.  (Example, if there are five participants for 60 minutes, the $200 honorarium allotment will be divided five ways.)

2010 Laboratory Honoraria

The honorarium will be determined by the instruction time for each laboratory instructor based on the following chart:

 0  to 15  minutes-$25.00
16 to 30 minutes-$50.00
31 to 45 minutes-$75.00
45 to 60 minutes-$100.00

Wet Lab Example: If there are six faculty who will be working in a four-hour lab, they each will receive $400 (for a total of $2,400 paid).



Speaking Honoraria Criteria:

Present or be on a panel for at least 15 minutes and

Produce Proceedings Notes and submit to conference coordinator on time and

Sign copyright release form and submit to conference coordinator on time

NOTE: Scientific Abstract authors and presenters are not eligible for honoraria


Complimentary registration criteria:

Complimentary registration will be provided for those who:

-Lecture for a minimum of one hour or

-Participate in a panel discussion or

-Participate as a laboratory instructor 
Scientific Abstract authors and presenters are not eligible for complimentary registration 

Expense Reimbursement Criteria:

-Residents within a 100 mile radius of Auburn will only be re-imbursed for mileage

-Must present a Symposium Lecture for a minimum of 1 hour or Laboratory for at least 1.5 hours (total presentation time throughout meeting program)

-Airfare: Airfare must be substantiated by an original passenger coupon. Airfare may not exceed coach rate.

-Mileage Expense: Personal car mileage incurred for Symposium, including mileage to and from the airport, will be reimbursed at the Auburn University-IRS approved rate.  Mileage will be paid up to the comparable economy airfare.

-Parking/Shuttle Expense: Include all parking fees and shuttle expenses.  All expenses must be substantiated with receipts.

-Other: Enter all other transportation expenses, i.e., cab, train, etc.

-Room charge for the night preceeding and the night of the lecture will be provided.  Any additional nights will be charged to the speaker at the conference room rate. 

-In-room movies, laundry, and other personal expenses will not be reimbursed by IAVRPT and will be charged to your personal credit card.

-Telephone and Internet access expenses only for IAVRPT business purposes will be reimbursed; other phone calls and Internet access charges are personal expenses.

-Enter expenses for meals and tips incurred while traveling.

-Alcoholic beverages are not reimbursable by IAVRPT and are considered personal expenses.

-Meal expenses may be reimbursed for actual itemized expenses based on original receipts up to $10.00 for breakfast, $20.00 for lunch, and $35.00 for dinner.

-No reimbursement will be paid for any meal if IAVRPT has provided that meal during the meeting.